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Luke D Visscher
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Luke D Visscher What a great achievement this album is. Truly mesmerizing. black metal was created essentially as an outlet for intense emotional​ display. With this in mind it is clear why God loving musicians eventually had to have found and utilized it. for them it is a gift from God to finally have a proper outlet themselves. And I am thankful. Favorite track: Moth and Rust.
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• : • : • ė • : • : • lol @ unblack. what an embarrassingly try-hard, stupid term.

It's very funny to think about philosophically/theororetically how there is no god damn way for someone to be able to create, produce, and write an independent/none garbage real black metal album musically/creatively etc,unless you spend quite some time engaged listening and following black metal as a fan....

so it's quite odd to think about when people try to pull the whole goofy white metal or this new silly unblack poo....

the level of trying as hard as possible to look or be thought of as singularly different [as though you never followed and clearly enjoyed bm as a fan] is off the charts.

besides all that bull honkey, this album is good. I dont like it as much as lot of the other comments I saw, and honestly expected a bit more with all the praise, but I'd be lying if I said it was wasn't solid.
Héctor Hurtado Grooscors
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Héctor Hurtado Grooscors The music is in the vein of the second wave of black metal, but they've added to the mix orthodox chants, creating a unique approach to extreme music. Recommended!
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1. Волны Смерти
2. Discordant
3. Trace of Breath
4. Eye
5. Moth and Rust
6. Ageless
7. Trisagion

Recorded in the years 2014-2016
Tracked by Hesychast & Clifton
Mixed & Mastered by Hesychast


released September 7, 2016



all rights reserved



Слава Отцу и Сыну и Святому Духу, и ныне и присно, и во веки веков. Аминь.

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